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            The hazards of inferior cement bags mainly have the following three aspects:

            Date:2019-05-04 Click:
            1. The quality of cement cannot be guaranteed. According to the test results of the influence of the moisture resistance of plastic woven cement bags on the quality of cement, under the same environment, the cements of inferior plastic woven bags and stretched kraft paper bags are also stored for 14 days, inferior plastic woven bags. The 40% reduction in cement strength will inevitably bury hidden dangers in the quality of construction projects. The quality of the cement packaged in stretch kraft paper bags remains basically unchanged.
            2. Inferior quality uncoated cement packaging bags are difficult to withstand pressure, and the damage rate is often as high as 50%. In the process of filling and transportation, the ash is seriously polluted, polluting the environment, and the weight of each bag is about 3 to 5 kg, resulting in cement on the construction site. Inconsistent measurement, affecting the quality of construction projects.
            3. Inferior plastic woven cement bags are flooded, causing serious white pollution. Each plastic woven cement bag should use 50g. The raw materials are chemical materials that are not easy to degrade for hundreds of years. After use, the streets are abandoned, destroying soil structure and affecting plant growth. If the combustion process also produces a large amount of toxic and harmful gases, it will cause great harm to the environment. Therefore, the relevant departments will rectify the cement packaging bags, vigorously promote non-woven fabrics and stretched kraft paper cement bags, and resolutely investigate and deal with non-standard uncoated plastic woven cement bags and inferior cement bags such as recycling. The recommended cement packaging bag for stretch kraft paper recommended by the state stores cement. The strength of the cement does not change. There is no leakage during transportation, it will not pollute the air and the environment, and the stretched kraft paper bag can be recycled and reused. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Internationally used cement bags