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          Product cate
          Project Introduction

          FFS film Description:

          FFS films (also called heavy duty bags), are made of virgin PE (HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE)and high quality additives with 3-lay coextrusion blown film, 6-color high speed printing and computer controlled sealing bottom. Forming, filling and sealing are carried out on one automatic packaging machine. Which are mainly used in the packaging of pretrochemical granular and other prowdery solid products.
          Due to its easy recycling,conformation to the international general fouth environmental protection packaging material requirements and other unique advantages of automatic packaging, storge,shipping,moisture-proof,good appearance,ect, it has become a popular packaging soluction in Europe and other delevoped countries. It is also becoming a tried-and-tested alternatvie packaging soluction to domestic petrochemical industry and gradully replacing the tradditional plastic woven bags. As expected, it will be the main products in the heavy duty packaging industry.
          Anti-skid heavy duty bag is made through special process embossing treatment forming two prominent slippery band and result in an effective anti-skip effect. Meanwhile, it appears very well through heat sealing and punching at the four corners during the storage of stacking.

          Product Features:

          1.It meets the requirements of high strength, high temperature-resistance, anit-dropping, anti-crocking,ect with three-lay coextrusion and unique material ratio during the high speed filling, transmission and stacking.
          2.Anti-ultraviolet, color stability ,no deformation at high temperature, no crack at low temperature, it can save the storage space and entend the shelf life more than one time compared with woven bag.
          3.sealing, moisture resistance, superior water-proof and antifouling performance, can open piled up, easy to transport and storage, inner product does not melt or agglomeration, won’t break quantity or quality loss;
          4.it is fully suitable for high-speed packaging machine and can reach more than 1,800 bags per hour. the efficiency of packaging improves 3-5 times and save about 75% labor cost compared with traditional packaging
          5.with the application of new materials, the film thickness gradually reduces, the strength gradually increases, the overall cost of packaging is better than the traditional packaging % or so
          6.the application of new raw materials (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, etc.) and quality additives to ensure reliable film quality . packing bag easily recycled and processing, protect the ecological
          7.to solve the problem of warehousing, higher stacking, storage space savings, but also lower than the traditional woven bag packaging costs;

          According to the demands, we imported 2 world’s most advanced three-layer coextrusion film blown production lines from Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera S.P.A ,Italy in 2013 and 2 worlds most advanced three-layer coextrusion film blown production lines from Reifenhauser Blown Film GmbH,Germany in 2016. Two sets of integrated machines with side gusset making, embossing,flexo pringting and one set of bag making machine. The annual output reached the 10000 tons as of the end of 2016. Our planned annual production capacity will reach increase yearly. At the same time, we introduced the advanced testing and inspection equipments such as friction coefficient, falling dart tester,rally tester,high & low temperaturer tester,melt index detector,heat sealing apparatus and other testing devices. Good products are from high quality raw materials and skilled production process. So, we also pay high attention to the top brand raw materials. "To supply customers with first-class products and first-class service" is our company's quality policy, we strictly implement the ISO9001: 2008 quality management standard, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management standard and obtained OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety system certification, BRC quality system certification, Sedex certified members. Our company strictly implement the ISO9001: 2008 quality management standard as a long-term strategic decision, adhere to management innovation, "6S" management, full participation, and strengthen internal management. Focus on the shaping of modern enterprise image and the accumulation of intangible assets, promote the spirit of teamwork, advocate the "customer first, survival on quality, innovation and development", take any opportunity to expand domestic and foreign markets and strive for the top brand.


          Montana coal

          Inner Mongolia Mengda New Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. (CMMD) is the second-tier enterprise under the China Coal Group and is responsible for the management of 600,000 tons of methanol project invested and constructed by China Coal Group in Erdos region. Annual production of 600,000 tons of olefin project. With an annual output of 600,000 tons of olefin project in the Ordos Group in the investment and construction of key projects, but also industrial development in the Ordos demonstration project. Plant covers an area of 197 hectares, the estimated total investment of 10.636 billion yuan. The project uses the international advanced DMTO technology, extending the development of downstream products of methanol, the main products are 300,000 tons / year of polyethylene, 300,000 tons / year of polypropylene and C4, MTBE and so on.

          Yangtze River Petrochemical

          Zhangjiagang Yangtze River Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Feixiang Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Donghua Energy Co., Ltd. and other three units jointly funded the establishment of enterprises. Of which: Tung Wah Group of Energy invested 56%, Flying Chemical and Huachang Chemical 22% of the capital. The establishment of three joint ventures Yangtze River Petrochemical, is conducive to give full play to their advantages, the formation of good synergies. Yangtze River Petrochemical is located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Yangtze River International Chemical Industrial Park, close to the company Zhangjiagang reservoir area, the registered capital of 1 billion yuan. Yangzi Petrochemical's main investment target for the 60 × 2 million tons / year propane dehydrogenation project, and a 400,000 tons / year of polypropylene project.

          Total Petrochemicals

          Total Petrochemical (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total Group. It is a new - generation FlNA bulk polymerization process with an international advanced level. The annual output is 200,000 tons of polystyrene (HlPS). Total is one of the world's largest integrated oil and gas companies with a refining and petrochemical business, including specialty chemicals, refining and petrochemicals, and a global workforce of 50,000, with 13 refineries, 21 petrochemical production bases and over 150 specialty chemical and fertilizer bases.

          Luxi Chemical Industry

          Luxi Group was established in 1992, is the original Luxi Fertilizer Plant (1976 construction) on the basis of the progressive development of the state-owned holding enterprise groups, in May 1998 initiated the establishment of Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listed. Group currently total assets of 25.8 billion yuan, more than 13,000 employees.
          Customer Testimonials

          Montana coal

          We are a subsidiary of the central enterprise of China Coal Group, which is responsible for managing 600,000 tons of methanol project and 600,000 tons of olefin project invested and constructed by China Coal Group in Erdos area. Our cooperation with the big day from the tender, was also a large number of days of the cooperation of the unit had some visits, since the cooperation, the big products in use did not appear before we have suppliers M side Not open phenomenon, M edge rupture phenomenon, sealing temperature fluctuations and so on. Days at low prices, stable quality, on-time delivery, good service really won our confidence and affirmation, let us feel that is really a big business to the heart of the big companies!

          Tung Wah Group of Energy

          Our cooperation with the big day from other companies recommended in the supply for more than 10 years, based on the day never had a serious quality accident, but also for us to solve some problems, in August last year , Then there have been bad sealing packaging, when we agreed here is the packaging of product quality problems, and then we informed the big companies, the morning of notice, the company's technical staff at the big day to the scene, after the scene view Finally found that the packaging machine temperature control system damage, the system shows the temperature with the actual temperature is not the same as sealing the bad phenomenon, after this one thing, let us really feel that the big is a technology-based, and To have a good after-sales service to win our confidence and affirmation, let us feel that is a big intention to run a large company!

          Total Petrochemicals

          Total Petrochemicals is one of the world's largest oil and gas integration companies, the requirements of suppliers is very strict, FFS film requirements are very thin, but also to ensure that 6m wrestling package is not broken. The technical requirements are higher than industry standards. [Due to the introduction of the international advanced Italian Bondra blown film (12 wire-23 wire) by Anhui Tianda, the printing production line, advanced testing equipment, professional technicians and perfect after-sale service system can meet the high quality requirements. After a number of tests and screening, we finally chose Anhui Tianda. ]

          Luxi Chemical Industry

          Contact Anhui Tianda from their packaging products in the industry a good reputation; February 20, 2014, we urgently need new products FFS film 10 tons test machine; we found the Anhui Environmental Protection New Material Co., Ltd.-day sales Director of Lv Zhengbao, to negotiate the procurement of FFS re-packaging film; FFS products because we are the first contact, the technical situation do not understand, Anhui Tianda arrange production, technology and sales together to communicate with us face to face, we are very satisfied! More importantly, because of our procurement application approval time delay, leading to the procurement cycle to arrive within 3 days, Anhui days of night driving system and delivered to our company on time, our various departments have put up a thumb! Laid the foundation for our long-term cooperation!
          Related equipment
          • Six - color printing presses
          • FFS blown film machine
          • FFS blown film machine
          • Heat sealing device
          • Coefficient of friction
          • Falling instrument
          • Tensile testing instrument
          • Electronic analyzers
          • Electronic analytical balance
          • Electronic scales
          • Whiteness meter
          Customization process
          Customer consultation
          I would like to ask if the FFS film printing has faded, what is the cause?
          There is a major relationship between printing color and ink and film surface corona.
          Does the elongation at break of the FFS film need to be increased by the extension machine when it is tested by a tensile tester?
          It is not suitable to add an extension machine to detect items with relatively high elongation such as plastic film.
          I would like to ask that our company use only a few thousand bags a month. I want to use FFS bag packaging. Does your company know about sealing equipment?
          If the amount is not large, you can use a separate sealing device, such a device is around 6000 yuan! If you are interested, please contact me 18297599949 Liu
          How do FFS membranes (bags) avoid dents during finger handling?
          Because the FFS film bag is a plastic product, it is afraid of hooks and fears sharpness; it is suitable for the presence of dents in the fingers during handling; 1. The thickness of the FFS film (bag) can be increased to avoid, 2. Workers need to be involved in the loading process. Emphasize that you cant avoid it with your fingers.
          What is the advantage of FFS heavy film packaging compared to traditional packaging?
          FFS heavy packaging film has great advantages in labor cost and environmental protection, which is reflected in the advantages of fast packaging speed, one molding, no pollution, material saving, recyclability, low labor cost, good sealing moisture resistance and printing performance. status
          If the FFS bag is equipped with an exhaust valve, where is the best position on the bag surface?
          Without affecting the sealing, the position of the exhaust valve is about 15 cm from the mouth, and the lateral position can be on both sides or in the middle of the bag. The adjustment can be made according to the actual situation.
          FFS film (bag) has gas in the bag after packaging, how to solve the problem?
          At present, FFS membranes (bags) are available in four ways: 1. For packaging materials, they should not be in contact with air, and vacuum treatment can be done on the packaging machine; 2. For the content is a fermentation product, a single exhaust valve can be added to the packaging bag; 3. Exhaust gas in the form of micropores (small pore size); 4. Exhaust in the form of pinholes (slightly larger aperture).
          Why does the FFS film appear to be dropped when it is packaged?
          There are several factors, because it is the cursor detection, the color of the film is too transparent, which will cause the cursor to be easily detected, and the bag is soft, and the air pressure on the packaging machine is unstable. The aging of the suction cup will also cause this situation, specifically According to the situation on the spot.
          Our company has changed its valve pocket to FFS single bag. Can the original sealing equipment continue to be used?
          The sealing device does not need to be replaced. It only needs to be heated with the heating zone of the partition. The MFS of the FFS bag is 4 layers, and the middle is two layers. The temperature on both sides is higher than the middle temperature.
          What is the reason of the printing fade on the FFS film?
          There are two cases. 1 The outer packaging should not be exposed to acid or alkaline substances, or stored in the air containing acid and alkali substances. 2. If the first case is excluded, it is a problem of the printer or the ink.
          How is the FFS heavy duty film sealing?
          FFS heavy duty packaging film is excellent in sealing, moisture resistance, water resistance and antifouling performance. It can be stacked in the open air for transportation and storage. The inner product does not melt, does not agglomerate, does not lose weight, and the quality is not lost.
          I would like to ask my packaged products can not be in contact with the outside air, how to solve the problem of gas change after packaging with FFS bag?
          There are two ways. 1. If the product is similar to the type of fermented feed, the product will be continuously fermented to produce gas after packaging. This situation can be solved by adding a single exhaust valve. 2. If the product is packaged, it will not be fermented. It cant be in contact with the outside air, so it can only be vacuumed when it is loaded by the packaging equipment.
          Can you add a QR code to your FFS film bag?
          Yes,Of course
          Is the unit price of your FFS film is settled in tons or tons?
          Our film is settled at the tonnage price. If it is a single bag of FFS, it will be settled by piece.
          What is the temperature resistance of your FFS film printing ink?
          not exceeds 120 degree
          Is it difficult to open the FFS film when you use up to the core root?
          Our company will adopt a unique formula for the characteristics of raw materials used in FFS membranes to avoid the phenomenon that the root of the membrane can not be opened.
          When FFS heavy packaging film (bag) is used for packaging powder materials, does it affect the sealing effect?
          You can add a blowing gas before the sealing on the packaging machine equipment, which can completely prevent the powder material from sticking to the sealing part and affect the heat sealing effect.
          Can your company produce colorful FFS film bags?
          Yes. It can be produced.
          Can you provide a third-party authority inspection report for FFS film?
          Yes,we can
          Can your FFS film be used for fertilizer packaging?
          Yes. of course
          Can you produce sheet FFS film and cold stretch film?
          We can produce as customers request.
          What’s the size of ID of the FFS film core in your company
          The internal diameter of our film roll core is 150mm
          What’s the max FFS film thickness for your equirment?
          Our company imported blown film line, and the thickness range can be about 120 to 240 micron
          How does this three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine maintain the stability of each layer of raw materials?
          The three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine equipment adopts an automatic weighing and batching system, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the formula and the stability of the product quality.
          What are the advantages of FFS heavy-duty film in printing compared with ordinary woven bags?
          The FFS film is full-color in print, clear in writing, does not fade, and is environmentally friendly.
          What’s the role of side gusset with FFS heavy duty film(bag)?
          Side gusset will make the pallets more beautiful, the palletizing height will be higher, and the warehouse space will be saved.
          Will your FFS membrane bag be designed for labyrinth exhaust angle seals?
          It can be designed as a triangular or curved exhaust corner seal.
          If you use FFS anti-skid heavy-duty film for packaging, what is the maximum stacking height?
          You can stack 8-10 layers without M-folding and 12-15 layers with M-folding.
          How many kilograms of FFS heavy bags can your company currently produce?
          According to different loading quality, our company can produce 10-50kg different types of bags to meet the needs of customers.
          We need to pack 1,000 tons of solid particles. Consider packaging with FFS membrane. If it is a roll film, how many tons is needed?
          One ton of roll film can produce more than 7000 single bags, only 6 tons is enough for packaging.
          re:Can your company's FFS membranes hit the micro-holes in the folds?
          Q: Can your companys FFS membranes hit the micro-holes in the folds? A: The location of punch holes can be controlled according to customer requirements.
          Your company FFS film finished winding diameter of up to more than centimeter?
          A: Our FFS film is currently the largest winding diameter 150 cm.
          re: FFS questions?
          Q: What is your main raw material for FFS film production? A: The main metallocene, LLDPE, LDPE
          re:question: Your company FFS film printing layout in the automatic packaging machine can cut any guarantee can always have a complete page in the bag?
          question: Your company FFS film printing layout in the automatic packaging machine can cut any guarantee can always have a complete page in the bag? A: You can design cycle layout printing, can always ensure that there is a complete layout.
          re:What is the role of metallocene in your FFS membrane formula?
          What is the role of metallocene in your FFS membrane formula? A: It can enhance the toughness and tensile strength of the film, enhance the intensity of falling, so that the film can increase the anti-aging ability
          Can your company make a FFS maze maze bag?
          Answer: Yes
          What is the range of width and thickness of your FFS film?
          Hello! Our FFS film width range: 420-650mm, thickness range: 120-250 micron
          May I know, FFS equipments import from which country ?
          Italy and Germany
          re:can we use FFS bags ?
          Our company want to use FFS packaging bags ,how about the price of this kind of bags ? The price of this type bag is about RMB 2/PC, the confirmed price is based on the detailed specification, if you expect to cooperate, we want to serve for you.
          Do you produce food grade FFS film?
          We not only obtained the production license for Chemical product but also for food stuff. In full compliance with the state environmental requirements on food stuff.
          How many colors printing are workable at maximum?
          Four different colors on front side and two different colors on back side. Moreover, we can help optimize the design for more beautiful printing.
          What’s the thickness scope of FFS film?
          Thickness scope: 120-230 mircon.
          Can you produce the microporous FFS film? Does it affect the strength if hit micro hole?
          Yes,we can. Our equipment is equipped with the advanced micro hole-making device. No any influence on strength. Bag is not broken when dropping test.
          Inspection Report
          Production Process
          Industry Standard